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Products Features:

• The CM2300 Mini Card Recycling Module can be used to safe keep the card automatically. when the card is being retained by the automated banking terminals, the CM2300can hold at least 5 ATM cards.

• To retrieve the card, the cardholder need to key in necessary information which required by bank, such as account number, transaction number, identification number or PIN number.

• Installation of the CM2300 will not affect the full function of the ATM's card reader in any manner.

• The CM2300 can be installed in all the main vendor's ATM machines available in the market today, like NCR, DieBold, Hitachi, HyoSung and GRGBanking.

• The CM2300 module can be trusted and is highly reliable, and its installation in ATM machines will not affect the normal operations.

Products Details

To the Cardholders:

Because the procedures in the banks can be complicated, the cardholder may find it troublesome to retrieve his/her bank card, and this will cause displeasure to the cardholder especially if he/she needs to retrieve money for urgent issue. In extreme cases, the cardholder may direct his emotions and anger towards the bank for not being efficient and sensitive to his/her immediate needs.

To the Banks:

The banks would need to send their staff to retrieve the retained ATM cards from the ATMs and at the same time, send these cards to the nearest bank branches available. The teller staff would then return the cards to the cardholders. This is often time-consuming and labor-intensive, and in return, incurs high labor costs.




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